We move our customers from their old apartment to their new apartment. There are also customers who do not have a new apartment because we can offer temporary storage. But we do not just settle private customers. More and more often we are commissioned to move to an office. From a small office to a large office with 60 workstations. In a small office is usually no inspection necessary.
Our staff will then advise you directly on the phone or inform you by e-mail about how best to move your company over the stage. For larger office moves a visit is necessary. At this appointment, our expert looks at what is needed for a smooth relocation in Brisbane.

office relocation

The most important thing for a smooth move to a large office is a good plan. Many companies want to move in such a way that the continuous operation is not interrupted. Is not a problem for us at all. But other companies want to have everything transported at the same time. That’s no problem for us, so we’ll work with more movers! The Viennese parking problem we solve by applying for a parking barrier at the responsible magistrate. Our tip: If you move several departments and you want to prevent boxes or furniture from ending up in the wrong departments after the office move, then you pick different color picks in different departments. That’s better than labeling.